6 四月 2020



China has long coastline which from the mouth of Yalu river in Liaoning province in the northern to the mouth of Beilun river in Guangxi province in the southern. Totally, it is continuous eighteen thousands kilometers. There are great changes every day in China since it began opening up 30 years ago. The cities are like big construction sites speeding their construction pace to catch up with the rest of the world. All of this appears particularly outstanding in China’s coastal areas. A multitude of countrymen leave their native place to go there. Urbanization drive continually accelerate growth while people’s spiritual life stay.

In China, every year hundreds of millions of people find work in other places. During the Spring Festival, hundreds of millions of people return home during a very short time, so the whole family can be reunited. They come from everywhere, North to South, East to West. People often lose their way during this process, losing the feeling of a real home. Lacking a sense of belonging, perhaps this is a symptom of being Chinese during this time.

The coastal areas are the windows of Chinese open and connect china with the world as a bond. Global unify give boundless chances to the coastal areas of china, and make many mythologies of the coastal areas rising sharply. The coastline is beautiful and dolorous. So many people come here with dreams but then are drown in the crowd, and they go with the stream finally. At the same time, worse and worse environment make people put the problems of environment to unprecedentedly important programmer.

When I was a child, I was eager for the sea and I felt the sea is mysterious, and I can never touch it. Now, I also feel as before. I come here to seek strong emotional conflicts and rich image pictures, which may with some mawkishness and mood, lose. The sea is the beginning of lives and dreams, at the same time; I am looking for a hometown in my heart.