12 四月 2020



In this Internet highly developed time, along with the broad application of email, only a few of people still write letters. As letters are less, envelopes are rarely been seen.I always see envelopes, but for me envelopes are not anymore like what explained in Oxford Dictionary:  a flat covering of paper, usually rectangular in shape and with a flap that can be folded over and sealed, used to enclose a letter.Envelope has a lot of synonyms in the media circle: sign in, bribery money, traffic fee, meal fee, and ext.In some interviews, there is always a kind of contact person around you, you sign on his register, and then he gives you an envelope.

This is your letter.An envelope without address and stamps, it is not a letter inside, but money.

Envelopes that appeared in the place of positive publicity such as news conference and open ceremony are acceptable.Envelopes that appeared in the place of negative publicity such as mine disaster and collapse are unacceptable.As a photographer I have received nearly 400 envelopes in the 3 years. I kept them all, no one missed.It is not aimed to expose something, just for memory.

This is my replay.A replay without address and stamps, it is not letter inside, but photos.