12 四月 2020



Kaixian (county town Kai), which is located in the northeast of Chongqing, is the last county demolition of the county as a whole in the Three Gorges reservoir area, is also the largest county submerged in the whole area. 

The county has a submerged area of 55.5 square kilometers. In all submerged area, Kaixian the level of economic development in the reservoir area in the forefront, and is also the only plain alluvial valley flooded areas, the entire county is the most flat, the most fertile land, the most densely populated and most economically Prosperity, the most well-off life. 

As the last time, the Three Gorges reservoir to store water to 175 meters’ level, 224 units, and 101 industrial and mining enterprises, residents in 3335 of the Kaixian county old town was the removal of all.

On November 4, 2008, the Three Gorges Dam water storage pilot 172.3 meters, the old town, which has a history of 1800 years, was slowly submerged by rising river flooding.